Our Favorite Things About The LA Kings (Happy 50th)

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This upcoming season will mark the 50th Anniversary for the Los Angeles Kings. The team recently revealed their "Golden Anniversary" alternative jerseys this week and they are quite snazzy if we must say. 

Although the Kings hadn't won a Stanley Cup until 2012, there are still plenty of moments and players that have stood out through their 50 year existence. This week we focus on a few things we love about the Southern Californians. 

Back When It All Started: 

The Kings pull of an upset win over the Black Hawks in their first ever season. Their first ever game was a 4-2 win against fellow expansion team, the Philadelphia Flyers. 


The Kings Introduce The Great One:

In a huge move for hockey in California, the Kings introduce arguably the greatest of all time, Wayne Gretzky. 


Jonathan Quick:

Whether you believe he's lost a step recently after dealing with injuries and surgeries, there is no denying that Jonathan Quick may be the funnest goalie to watch of this generation. 


Stanley Cup #1 (2012):

In an emphatic 6-1 Game Six win over the New Jersey Devils, the L.A. Kings win their first Stanley Cup after starting the tournament as an 8th seed underdog. The Kings only lost two games heading into the Stanley Cup Final. 

Stanley Cup #2 (2014):

Two years later the Kings would win their second Stanley Cup, but in much different fashion than the first. After losing Game One to the San Jose Sharks 6-3, Game Two 7-2, and Game Three 4-3 (OT), the Kings would fight back from being down 3-0 in the series to win four straight and advance to the next round where they would face another fellow Californian team, the Anaheim Ducks. Once again, the series would go the distance, as the Kings defeated the Ducks in Game Seven. The Kings would face the Black Hawks in the Western Conference Final and as you could imagine...once again they won in Game Seven. After three series going the full distance, the Kings would find the Stanley Cup Final against the New York Rangers a touch easier, winning 4 games to 1. 

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Hockey Players Who Rock Out

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Here at Glass Bangers, we love to bring some rock to our designs. Now many of you probably know about some of the musicians out there who also enjoy playing hockey, but do you know about some of the hockey players who can rock out as well? 

This week we feature a few of our favorite players who can tickle the ivory, pick at the strings and more...


Ryan Miller

Miller Time himself is also quite the talent when it comes to the six string. The Vancouver Canucks goalie even played a charity concert while playing for the Buffalo Sabres.

Jose Theodore

Miller isn't the only netminder to slay on the ax. Former NHL Goaltender, Jose Theodore not only plays guitar, but also played "Bro Hymn" with the band, Pennywise at one of their shows.


Drew Stafford

Drew Stafford loves his metal music and can play both drums and guitar. The current Jets winger also enjoys creating music digitally by recording tracks and sending them to band mates around the world.

Bobby Ryan and Joffrey Lupul

Although they no longer play together, Joffrey Lupul and Bobby Ryan both used to bring their guitars on the road with them while playing for the Anaheim Ducks.

Henrik Lundqvist

Proving the goalies are the most fascinating players on the ice, as well as off. Henrik Lundqvist rounds off this list as the third goalie on it for his impressive skills on the gitbox. 


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U.S.A. Hockey Firsts

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In preparation for the World Cup of Hockey coming up we featured some of the firsts for the birthplace of hockey, Canada, last week. As promised, this week we bring you some of the firsts for Team U.S.A. Hockey! 

We don't have much longer to wait everyone, hockey is almost BACK!


First American Goalie in the Hall of Fame:

Frank "Mr. Zero" Brimsek was the first American Goalie to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame (1966). His 252 wins American record held up for 44 years until Tom Barrasso finally surpassed him. 

First Olympic Gold for Team USA:

We all remember the "Miracle On Ice", but although dedicated fans realize that the USA won their first Gold Medal 20 years before the Miracle on Ice, it doesn't receive nearly as much coverage. Although the Soviets and Canadians were favored in Squaw Valley, it was the Americans who took Gold in 1960 much to everyone's surprise. 

First American #1 Draft Pick:

It took 20 years for an American to be selected first in the NHL draft, but in 1983, Brian Lawton became that first pick. The New Jersey native was drafted by the Minnesota North Stars, but also played for teams such as the Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques and more recently the San Jose Sharks ('91-'93). Although he had a decent NHL career, scoring 266 points in 483 games, fellow '83 draftees such as Steve Yzerman, Pat LaFontaine and Tom Barrasso overshadowed the number one pick, leading some to even call Lawton one of the "biggest draft busts in NHL history". 


First American Stanley Cup Winning Team:

Believe it or not, back before 1920, the Pacific Northwest was the region for Stanley Cup Champs. Two years after the Vancouver Millionaires won the cup in 1915, the Seattle Metropolitans became the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. Bernie Morris scored the winning goal of the series in which the Mets took out the Montreal Canadiens three games to one. The Mets would return to the Stanley Cup Final in 1919 and once again face the Habs, but after being tied through five games (game four was a 0-0 tie and ended after one scoreless overtime as per rules), the sixth game was cancelled due to the influenza outbreak and no Stanley Cup was awarded.


First American Player to Score 500 Goals:


Joe Mullen became the first American player to score 500 goals in the NHL, as well as score 1,000 career points. The New York born player grew up in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan and became an all-star in college while playing with the Boston College Eagles. In 2000, Mullen was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. 


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Canada Hockey Firsts

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As we near the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, I thought it might be fun to whip out a couple articles giving some fun facts about the firsts for hockey in North America.

Now we all know that Canada is where ice hockey became what it is today and it has been there through every growing pain and amazing moment. However, you still might not know EVERYTHING about hockey in the Great White North. Here are a few fun facts. Stay tuned next week for USA Hockey Firsts.


First Ever Ice Hockey Game:

The first recorded ice hockey game took place in Montreal in 1875 at the Victoria Skating Rink. The teams were nine aside and the puck was made out of wood.

First NHL Draft:

The first NHL Entry Draft (also called NHL Amateur Draft at the time) was held June 5th, 1963 at Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal Quebec. The Canadiens had the first pick and selected Garry Monohan from Barrie, Ontario.

First Olympic Gold for Canada:

The first Olympic Gold Medal for Canada came at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Belgium. Yes that's right...the Summer Olympics. Canada easily coasted to a Gold Medal while the rest of the standings have been subjected to criticism due to the use of the "Bergvall System". 

First Stanley Cup:

The first Stanley Cup was won by the Montreal Hockey Club in 1893 after finishing their season with a 7-1-0 record. They were followed by second place finishers, the Ottawa Hockey Club.

First Hockey Hall of Fame Induction:

The first Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held in 1943 in Kingston, Ontario (later officially established in Toronto, pictured above). The inductees that year were  Hobey Baker, Charlie Gardiner, Eddie Gerard, Frank McGee, Howie Morenz, Tommy Phillips, Harvey Pulford, Hod Stuart and Georges Vézina.

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The Best of Goal Songs

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Every summer day that goes by is another day closer to hockey being back, but we have plenty of things to remind us of the game even when it isn't on. For instance, whenever a team's goal song come on your radio, it can either fill you with joy or complete rage. 

This week I decided to feature a few of my favorite goal songs in the NHL and I want to hear which one is number one in your opinion! Here we go!

Buffalo Sabres - "Let Me Clear My Throat"

Your team scores and then you can't help, but bust out some dance moves? What a perfect way to celebrate.


Phoenix Coyotes - "Howlin For You"

This could be perhaps the best goal song when it comes to incorporating a team's name.

Florida Panthers - "Our of Our Heads"

How can you go wrong with the Dropkick Murphys when it comes to sports and music? I just wonder how Boston feels about Florida using their boys' tune?

Pittsburgh Penguins - "Party Hard"

A classic from the King of Partying himself, Andrew W.K.. We shall see how long the Pens can keep the party going this season...

Chicago Black Hawks - "Chelsea Dagger"

This could be one of the most iconic goal songs out there right now. Rivals of the Black Hawks must be very tired of hearing The Fratellis every time they get scored on, but if you're a fan of Chi-City? Nothing sounds quite as sweet.

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The Dog Days of Hockey

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As we wind our way down to the dog days of summer, the shorter days will come as a relief to many hockey fans who are still patiently waiting for the World Cup of Hockey and then the regular season to start. To go along with the "Dog Days" theme, I thought we'd take a look at man's best friend this week with some of our favorite loyal friend/player duos. 

Mike Richards and Arnold:

Two time Stanley Cup champ and now Washington Capital, Mike Richards makes sure Arnold gets a chance to hang with the Stanley Cup when he gets a chance too. 

Jonathan Toews and Betsy:

Black Hawks captain Jonathan Toews even takes his Yorkie, Betsy, fishing with him.

Brooks Laich and fiance Julianne Hough & Lexi and Harley:

Although the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels popped up on Julianne's instagram long before Brooks', the now engaged couple enjoys taking their pals along with them for all their adventures.


Jordie Benn and Juice:

Jamie's older bro always has a friend to hang with when it comes to his dog, Juice.


Hilary Knight and Winston:

Of course dogs can be a woman's best friend as well. Team USA's Hilary Knight found one with her boxer, Winston. 

Shayne Gostisbehere and Cooper:

Shayne Gostisbehere has a busy schedule after his breakout season with the Flyers, but he always has his buddies Cooper and Pippa (not pictured) to go home to.

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Way Too Early Predictions For The 2016-17

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The regular season is only a couple of months away, but that's still just a tad bit early to be making any predictions right? Who cares!? We're too excited to abide by any rules, so it's time to make some ridiculously early predictions on what is absolutely going to happen with the 2016-17 season. 

Please do make your predictions as well, but understand that if they are different from these ones? They will more than likely be wrong. Without further adieu, here they are.

The Pacific Division

Although the Pacific Division should see a little more competition from the Canadian sides this season, the Californians will once again take the three playoff spots. This year the Kings will top the division though, followed by the Ducks and Sharks.

The Central Division


The Blues showed how strong they were in the playoffs last year and came up just short of a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. They will be the best prepared in the Central Division this year though, while a feisty Minnesota team battles it out with Chicago for 2nd place. In the end, Chicago will nab that second spot, but the Wild won't be far back in 3rd.

Western Conference Wild Cards

The Central Division will once again produce both of the Wild Card teams in the west this season, but this year the Avalanche will end up being the top wild card seed followed by the Dallas Stars.

Metropolitan Division

Pittsburgh may be the reigning Stanley Cup Champs, but their biggest rivals don't care about that. The Flyers' spirited wildcard run last season was just a preview of what was to come. This year the Flyers nab the top spot in the Metropolitan Division while the perennially good Washington Capitals once again have a decent regular season and finish second. Last season's champs will still be at the dance, only this year as a third seed.

Atlantic Division

After a few seasons of barely keeping their playoff streak intact, the Red Wings and their young stars are going to have a breakout season and rise to the top of the Atlantic Division. The Lightning have been knocking at the door for a while now and will finish just behind Detroit while their fellow statesmen, the Panthers will grab third.

Eastern Conference Wild Card

Two of three New York teams will make it into the playoffs this season, but as wild card teams. The lovable Islanders will take the first one followed by their Big Apple rivals.

Western Conference Final

After several tough series, the Kings and the Blues will prevail as the Western Conference finalists setting up for another brilliant final. Although the Blues will play the Kings hard, LA will head to the Stanley Cup Final after a seven game series. 

Eastern Conference Final

After a few disappointing playoff runs, the Caps will make it to the Eastern Conference Final this year with the Detroit Red Wings. After winning the opening two games, the Caps will end up losing four in a row to the Red Wings as Detroit returns to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 2009. 

Stanley Cup Winners: The Los Angeles Kings

It's been kind of weird the past few seasons without the Kings making a long run into the playoffs, but in the 2016-17 season, they will return to their post as Stanley Cup Champions under the leadership of Anze Kopitar who will also win the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Now that we've told you what is going to happen, it's time for your to tell us what will absolutely happen! Go ahead in the comments below!

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