About Us

In 2010 two friends met in a Seattle dive bar to devise a plan to take over the hockey world, even if it had to be one beer leaguer at a time. We weren’t players, despite one of us spending a little time in youth hockey. However, we did grow up watching hockey and were fiercely loyal to our hometown teams. Over the years we both gained a deeper appreciation for the history and culture of the game, which ultimately led to a love of all things hockey.

So what could we do to show this love? Sure, we could go lay down $100+ for the same jersey every other Bruins or Coyotes fan had, but we wanted something different. Then there were the companies who catered to the players, but neither of us were about to rock a Bauer warm-up, nor could we say we'd ever had "ice in our veins".

So once again we were left with the problem, where was the stuff for us? Hockey shirts that tapped into the history, humor and culture of the game we had fallen in love with. Shirts that somehow looked better (or at least appropriate) with a little beer spilled on them. Shirts that our wives and coworkers didn’t understand. Shirts that had the ability to spark a conversation with a total stranger, or get smiles and nods from fans at the other end of the bar. Those were the shirts we wanted. So in that little bar in 2010 we decided to create those shirts ourselves and Glass Bangers was born.