What does the Stanley Cup Do In The Summer?

The summer can be a little rough for us hockey fans. If you're like me, it's a conflict between loving that Vitamin D and missing the sound of pucks rattling around the boards and skates cutting across the ice. 

I thought this might be a good chance to celebrate the summer a bit in the way the Stanley Cup does. Here are a few of our favorite things the Stanley Cup has done in the summer.

Sometimes the Stanley Cup Plays Third Wheel:

Jarret Stoll celebrated his most recent Stanley Cup win, by placing it in the middle of a PDA. What can you say? The Cup just inspires love.

Other Times it Takes a Dip In Super Mario's Pool:

This picture was taken after Pittsburgh's 2009 Stanley Cup win, but one could only guess that this year it will find itself in a similar place at the Penguins' Principal Owner's crib.

The Stanley Cup Has a Country Side Too:

Back in 2012, Dwight King brought The Cup to his hometown of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan where it got to participate in the Saskatchewan Summer Games.

It Rides the Chairlift: 

Back when the Ducks won The Stanley Cup, the Niedermayer brothers took it for a trip on the chairlift while visiting Cranbrook, B.C.

At the End of the Day...The Stanley Cup Just Enjoys Some Good Fun Playing on the Train Tracks:

What's better than watching a sunset away from the lights while playing on the train tracks on a summer evening? The Stanley Cup is just like us. 

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