Non Gambling Names for Las Vegas NHL

June 16, 2016

As many of you might have heard, Las Vegas will soon have an NHL team....that's right.....Sin City will have a professional sports team. A frozen arena in the middle of the desert.

Many people have suggested names for the new team and the majority have to do with gambling. Whether it be a more positive name like the Aces or something more questionable like the Jokers (although it would be fun when they meet up with the Wild or the Kings), many creative gambling ideas have come up, but we're trying something a little different.

This week we give you five non-gambling alternatives for Las Vegas' brand new hockey team. (Disclaimer: It's obviously going to be a gambling name....just humor me please)

The Flamingo

It might not be the most ferocious bird in the world, but what animal says Las Vegas quite like the flamingo? 

The Blue Men

Everybody wants to be part of Blue Man Group, well at least Tobias Funke did (bonus points if you understand that reference). It would be a simple color scheme and full on blue outs could be seen around the arena. Right?.....

The Oasis

Refreshing cool ice in the middle of the hot sun? It's like an.....OASIS! Maybe even the team can get Noel and Liam to get over their differences and play some music at T-Mobile Arena.

The Strip 

There are a few letters that could be added to this idea that could make things very interesting....not to mention intermission entertainment. 

The Pinballs

I had to incorporate the fact that Las Vegas is home to the Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum. I mean and pinball aren't so different are they?

Let me know some of your ideas!

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