The Beautiful World of Goalie Helmets 1990's

Back in the day, the only designs you'd see on a goalie's head and face were scars and bruises. It wasn't until 1959 that Jacques Plante wore one full time after being hit in the face with a shot from Andy Bathgate.

Since then goalie masks have evolved from something that inspired a horror villain to designs that are inspired by the player wearing it. This week we bring to you a few of the unique masks that we remember from the 1990's.


Brian Hayward: San Jose Sharks 

From back when customized masks really started to catch on. Brian Hayward's mask was one of the most popular for its time and one that I remember from my childhood.


John Vanbiesbrouck: Florida Panthers

Another memorable design came from American goaltender, John Vanbiesbrouck. If you looked close at the back, there was also a bee on it inspired by John's nickname "The Bee".



Mike Richter: New York Rangers

The USA had some damn good goalies in the 1990's! New York's Mike Richter featured the iconic Statue of Liberty on his mask during the Ranger's 1994 Stanley Cup win over the Vancouver Canucks.



Curtis Joseph: Several NHL Teams

Curtis "Cujo" Joseph's nickname and design followed him around the league. Whether he was starting for the Maple Leafs, Oilers, Red Wings, Blues or always knew what the mask would look like.



Ed Belfour: Several NHL Teams

Much like Curtis Joseph, Ed Belfour's inconic eagle design also followed him around the league with teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, the Dallas Stars and the Florida Panthers.




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