What Does St. Patrick's Day and Hockey Have in Common? Beer!

March 11, 2016

As we approach yet another St. Patrick's Day, it occurred to me that it really is the Holiday that goes best with our beloved sport of hockey. 

The NHL already does a nice job of celebrating St. Patrick's Day with green practice jerseys and such. Also, cities like Boston and Chicago really seem to understand the spirit of the holiday perfectly. However, what really brings St. Patrick's Day and Hockey together is the fact that they both have a beautiful relationship with....beer.

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Today I am sharing some of the best hockey inspired beers out there. Whether they be popular brews that go well with the sport or the more obscure micro-brews that have incorporated the sport into their names. Happy St. Patrick's Day, have a pint or two!


American Brewing Company based out of Edmonds, WA gives us the Breakaway IPA. It's absolute heaven for hop fans and is becoming one of the more popular IPA's, at least here on the West Coast. Personally I have had it....and let me tell you.....it's amazing.


Light the Lamp Brewery out of Grayslake, IL has a slew of awesome brews on tap including a Sin Bin Stout, a Bench Minor Blonde, a Red Line Ale and....a wonderfully named 1980 Miracle American Ale. Seems like the place to go if I am ever in Illinois. 


Lake of Bays Brewing Company hails from Baysville, Ontario and have a unique partnership with the NHL Alumni Association that has spawned a Top Shelf Classic Lager, as well as some pretty awesome limited releases dedicated to NHL greats like Chris Chelios and Ted Lindsay.


Tighthead Brewing Company's (also out of Illinois) name says rugby (an absolutely fine substitute for hockey's off season), but these guys show their love of hockey as well with their seasonal Hat Trick Tripel. I am beginning to think this calls for a "business trip" to Illinois soon.


Of course, if you can't make it to any of these breweries, there's always a good old Molson Canadian waiting for you at your local grocer or maybe a Labatt Blue or Kokanee is more your style. Regardless of what your taste is, one thing is for sure....nothing goes with hockey quite like beer. 



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