Five of our Favorite Saves

February 25, 2016

Goalies are a strange breed right? I mean who in their right mind would volunteer to stand in front of a frozen piece of rubber as it comes hurling at you at 100mph? You have to be wired a little different.

With all that said though, goalies arguably give us the best highlights of the sports world. Sure watching a talented puck handler dance around defensemen and pick a corner is something to behold, but watching a guy go full blown gymnast post to post to rob a forward of a sure goal never gets old.

There are a ton of amazing saves every single season, but today we bring you five of our favorites in recent history for your viewing pleasure.


The Jonathan Quick Magic Puck:

Not sure if the force is just strong with Quick or if he practices air bending during the off-season. Regardless, this save is mind blowing. 


Henrik Lundqvist Whirling Dervish Save:

The deflection on this show was already unexpected, but two quick reflexes from The King manage to keep this one out of the net. 


Roberto Luongo Channels the Matrix:

Before Lu returned to Florida he was well....dealing with goalie controversies in Vancouver (some things never change). However, between controversies Lu would also make some awe inspiring saves. This one just happens to be one of the best.


The Jonathan Quick Tornado Save:

He's already been on this list, but let's be honest...he gives us enough highlights to have a list just devoted to him.


Carey Price Robs Nick Bonino:

There are many reasons that Carey Price is Montreal's MVP...this is one of them.


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