Our Favorite Hockey Valentines

Like it or not, this time of year is just unavoidable right? Pink and red hearts all over the grocery stores, flowers and chocolates being shoved in your face, Valentine's Day happens whether you like it or not.

Rather than try to escape it this year, we are going to try to embrace it and share with you some of our favorite couples from the hockey world, so without further adieu.... Happy Valentine's Day from Glass Bangers!


Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood

Probably one of the more popular NHL couples. Carrie and Mike were one of the few couples that survived a flurry of Country Singer/NHL Player relationships.

Brooks Laich and Julianne Hough

Girls want him, guys want her. Easy couple to be jealous of right? These two aren't married yet, but Hough did recently show her support on Instagram for her boyfriend watching his game against the Flyers on Super Bowl Sunday saying that it was the "important game" of the day.


Carey and Angela Price

Carey's injury has probably given this couple a little more time to spend together this winter, but the Canadiens are definitely desperate to have him back right now.


Ray Ferraro and Cammi Granato

For these two it's an all hockey affair. Cammi was a prominent figure during the early days of USA Women's Hockey and Ray spent years in the NHL with several teams. 

These two were even able to put the USA/Canada rivalry aside, as they have been married for several years now and have two kids. 


Doug Gilmore and Don Cherry

This may be a "bromance" and not a romance, but we still couldn't help, but include these two. Really for all of us who are single this Valentine's Day....we just wanna be loved like Don Cherry loves Doug Gilmore. 



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