Favorite Trick Shots

January 10, 2016

The recent naming of the NHL All-Star rosters got me thinking about when I was a kid and would be glued to the TV set during the skills competition. Now that I am older and jaded, I see the All-Star game for what it's worth, which is.....money, but somewhere I am still that kid who loves a good skills comp.

I spent a good while watching some trick shots on YouTube after remembering the good old days and thought I would share a few of my favorites here.

As always, please share your favorites as well!


Jonathan Toews, Bottle Shot

This one could be my actual favorite, but since it looks to be rehearsed, there is no telling how many times it took him to do it. With that said, this is still amazing. 


Stamkos Takes Aim at Some Drones

These shots are so awesome that we can let the few misses slide. 


Alex Burrows Takes Talbot to Hogwarts

Non Canucks fans love to hate Burr, but it's hard not to love this little magic wand shootout goal.


Pavel Datsyuk Scores with a Change Up

Hockey is all about the speed right? Pavel Datysuk decided to take advantage of that way of thinking with this change up. 


Ribeiro Pulls Off One of the All-Time Best Shootout Goals

This one will forever leave me speechless. One of the best shots I have ever seen.


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