Teams That We Wish Would Happen: Part 2

December 18, 2015

A few months back we posted a blog regarding some out there teams that we would love to see go professional in our wildest dreams (Check it out here). So now a little while later, we're back with a few more! 

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The Bismarck Swift Fox

I'm sure there are many of you who haven't heard of the smallest wild canine in North America, but don't let its size fool you, the Swift Fox - who is native to the Dakotas and the mid-west Grasslands - is one hell of a bad ass.

It would be pretty awesome to see a professional sports team in the Dakotas if the population would support it. This quirky little guy would make the best mascot.

The Wyoming Bighorns 

Honestly, I know population almost comes up when discussing professional teams in states like Wyoming, but in a perfect world, Wyoming seems like an awesome place to have an NHL team. 

Just do an image search of Rocky Mountain Bighorns on google and you will see how crazy these guys are. I can just imagine all the awesome logos that would come about.


The Prince Edward Island Mariners

Bring hockey to the Maritime Provinces! I mean sure Sid the Kid's home province of Nova Scotia would be a great ideas too, but hockey on PEI? A dream!

The Mariners would definitely be something new for the NHL. Maybe some lighthouses on the shoulders, as well as a multitude of other nautical designs to throw together for Home, Away and Alternate jerseys. 

So how about all of you? What would your fantasy team be? Don't worry about the realism, where is the fun in that?


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