NHL Christmas Wishes Part II

December 13, 2015

Last week we brought you a few things some players, coaches or teams in the NHL might be hoping to find under their tree come December 25th. This week, we bring you a few more!


Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers have to be hoping to find a horseshoe, a four leaf clover, lucky dice, pretty much anything that will bring some good luck their way. After several poor seasons that have led to having one of the - if not the - top draft pick, you'd think that the Oilers would finally start to find their stride, but inconsistency in the front office and the coaching staff have kept the Oilers in a slump.

This year, #1 draft pick, Connor McDavid looked to be providing a spark for the Oilers, but ended up fracturing his collarbone in early November. It is hopeful that McDavid will be back around the start of the New Year. Let's hope that the Oilers get a little luck thrown their way from old St. Nick.


Arizona Coyotes

The Coyotes have to be wishing for a new home and one that will truly give them the solid foundation that they deserve. Truth is that this team has actually been a decent team more often than not over the past several seasons and currently they sit in second place behind the Kings in the Pacific Division. 

Right now it looks like a move to Phoenix is the most likely option for the Coyotes. Hopefully for them, wherever they end up, it will be a place that embraces them as they continue to improve as a team.


Jamie Benn 

Jamie Benn's list must look something like this:

More goals

More goals

More goals.

Jamie currently leads the league in goals, by a slim margin over Patrick Kane and you have to imagine that he would love to be the guy who dethrones 2013, 2014 and 2015's Rocket Richard Trophy winner, Alex Ovechkin. The Stars are having a breakout year thanks to players like Benn. More goals would only help their cause. 

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