The Jedi Hockey Team

November 05, 2015 1 Comment

So last week I gave you my Dark Side starting line and number one defensive pairing, this week it's time for me to share with you my "Team Jedi".

As always, let me know your team below!


Goalie: Yoda

He may be small and a little up there in age, but Yoda has the wisdom and the unassuming moves to dominate the cage.


Defensive Pairing: Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn

The pair that started off the prequels. Just so long as Qui Gon stears clear of a certain Dathomirian, all should be good on the defensive front.


Left Wing: Mace Windu

Talk about a power forward! Mace Windu is your guy for powering through to the goal and getting shots on goal.


Right Wing: Han Solo

He may not technically be a Jedi, but with all the fancy force moves, the team will need a little grit and Han Solo will definitely bring that.


Center: Luke Skywalker

Pretty obvious that you'd have quite possibly THE best Jedi ever to play at the center position. His quick reflexes should be a "force" to be reckoned with at the face-off circle.


So there you have it! Let us know how you would put together Team Jedi and don't forget to shop our pop culture hockey designs for some new threads that you will absolutely love!

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November 08, 2015

So does that put Chewbacca as a 3rd line enforcer? Dude has size and strength even if he can’t skate…

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