The Dark Side Team

November 01, 2015

In honor of our limited release designs from a galaxy far, far away. I decided to create a team full of the dark side of the force. 

Next week I will bring you Team Jedi, so remember to check back for that and as always comment with your team down below!

Goalie: Darth Vader

I mean  he's already got the mask...he's a shoe in between the pipes. His choke hold could come in handy during breakaways as well.


Defensive Pairing: Stormtroopers

Obviously right? Might as well have six of them for each defensive pairing. That said, with the aim they have? I doubt you're going to see any goals from the point.

Center: Darth Maul

Can't wait to see how he takes face-offs with a double sided stick.


Left Wing: General Grievous 

The ultimate nightmare for an opposing defense with all of his arms that you have to keep track of.


Right Wing: Droideka

Assuming they can roll on ice, a Droideka on the wing would round out a ruthless first line devoid of any human emotion...for the most part.


Let us know what your lineup would look like!


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