Teams That We Wish Would Happen: Part 1

October 22, 2015 2 Comments

We've already brought you a couple Glass Bangers original team designs:

But after all the talk about league expansion during the off season, it got me thinking about teams that would be absolutely badass...even if they were a tiny bit unrealistic. I mean who needs reality right?

Here are five ideas for teams in North America that I think would be pretty damn awesome.


The Churchill Polar Bears (Churchill, Manitoba)

If you grew up with Canadian family like me or follow Canadian culture, you know all about the polar bears in Churchill Manitoba. Now I realize that the population up there isn't really optimal for an NHL team, but how intimidating would it would be for visiting teams? Freezing cold temps AND giant bears? The mascots would already be in place outside the stadium!

The Seattle Wolf Pack (Seattle, WA)

So obviously I am a bit biased since I live in the state of Washington and we obviously want a team really bad, but I had to include this on the list, because what sort of fantasy list would be complete without the team that I want the most?

Not many states can say that they have their own wolf packs, but Washington is one of those. We all know Seattle loves their sports teams and I could definitely see fans hanging up their Seahawks jerseys for a couple days a week to cheer on the Wolf Pack!

The Anchorage Breakers (Anchorage, Alaska)

The last frontier needs a hockey team right? How badass is a name like "The Breakers" too? For years Alaskans have had to pick teams from other states to cheer for in nearly every sport, they deserve a pro team!

On top of all that, how awesome would an outdoor game under the Auroras be? 

The Honolulu Magma (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Switching gears to somewhere a little warmer. I know , I know, how the hell would hockey survive in a tropical paradise? Well, I mean for starters, they've played in Vegas and this is my list of fantasy teams, so in my world...this works.

Above everything, this would by far be the best road trip for basically every other team in the league. Chilling on the beach by day, NHL action by night? Sounds like perfection to me. 


The Madison Bulls (Madison, Wisconsin)

They have the Packers, the Bucks and the Brewers, but what Wisconsin really needs is an NHL team! 

We all know Wisconsin is known for their dairy farms, but every cow farm needs a good bull right? I can see a quirky team like this fitting in quite nicely and adding some excitement to the lakes region that already has teams in Minnesota and Michigan. 


There will be more to come in the future. Maybe even from around the world, who knows? So how about all of you? What would your fantasy team be? Don't worry about the realism, where is the fun in that?


2 Responses

Glass Bangers
Glass Bangers

December 17, 2015

LOVE that idea Eric!

Eric Hehman
Eric Hehman

October 22, 2015

How about the Florence Farmers playing out of Florence, Ky? Their sweaters could have suspenders on them or better yet the pants could be blue jean overalls. We are talking an entirely new line for manufacturers. The helmets could look like straw hats and the players could be required to hold a piece of grass in their teeth during interviews.

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