The Infamous John Tortorella

September 22, 2015

It was announced yesterday that former Lightning, Rangers and Canucks head coach, John Tortorella would be behind the bench for Team USA come next year during the World Cup of Hockey.

Whether you love or hate the guy, he always seems to have memorable moments where he goes. So for this week's article, we decided to share a few that came to mind...

If Torts is around....nobody is safe, not even Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist, Joe Thornton. 


Not even a Stanley Cup ring will make you immune from Torts' wrath. In this video, he takes on a couple of the most popular names in the sport.


Of course, reporters aren't off limits... in fact they might be his favorite people to mix it up with. This particular video features some NSFW language. It's from back in his Tampa Bay days. 


One of the more recent memories came during Torts' short stint with the Vancouver Canucks. After a first period line brawl with the Calgary Flames, Torts continued the fracas during the first intermission...


Which lead to this piece of work that might get stuck in your head....

Here is to what should be an interesting World Cup of Hockey for the U.S. of A.



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