Let's Make Your Fantasy Hockey League the Best One

August 29, 2015

The 2015-16 NHL season is just around the corner and that also means that you should be thinking about your fantasy hockey team and who you are going to draft! Of course that's just one small part of being in a fantasy hockey league, after a season full of highs and lows and smack talk....you need the right prizes to give away. 

As you could have guessed, we're here to help and we just might have a few ideas on trophies for the winners, the ones who get close and of course...the losers. 

For the team with the best goaltending: 

It's no secret...chicks dig the big stick, so what better prize for the team with the best goalies in your league than this shirt? 


For the team who ends the season with the most goals:

One of our newer designs works pretty nicely for the team who has that goal hungry offense. What better way to say "congrats, your guys know how to tickle the twine!" than with this beauty?


For the team who's players rack up the most offensive points:


Some guys go into the draft thinking only about the offense and who can blame them right? Our "Weapon of Choice" design makes a pretty damn fine reward for a job well done, wouldn't you agree?


For the team with the most penalty minutes:


Just another reason why hockey rules right? In most standard leagues, penalty minutes are actually a GOOD thing for your team! Show that person in your league with the most penalty minutes that you are proud of the fact they drafted a bunch of goons with this "Fighting Solves Everything" design.


For the team with the best defensive players:


Is there someone in your league who's defense stood taller than the rest? Were they almost too good to believe? They deserve the design that features a creature so mysterious that opposing teams shake in their boots when they catch a glimpse of it. Our Sasquatch Hockey shirt fits the bill. 

For the cellar dweller:


All of our designs are probably too good for the poor soul who forgot to set his team one too many times and ended up being the punching bag for the rest of the league. With that said though, at least you can mark them with this Skull and Crossbones inspired design. Sure, it still may be too cool for a loser, but even losers need to look decent right?

For the runner up:


After a long, tough fantasy season, someone has to be the one that got so close, only to fail in the final match right? Well for that presumably bitter individual, may we suggest one of our personal favorites, the "Good Game, Fuck You, Good Game" design (also available censored)? 

For the Champion:


There is only one design for the best of the best, the Champion of it all.....the FANTASY HOCKEY LEGEEEEEEEEND *echoes*. 


Well now that we've pretty much done all the work for you, it's time to click on those shirts and get them ready to give away at the end of the season right? You can thank us later...




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