The Top 5 Sharpest Uniforms in the NHL

August 23, 2015 1 Comment

They may get ripped up and bloodied by the end of a game, but uniforms are still important right? I mean you have to look sharp as a team, nobody wants to be the next Anaheim Ducks Wild Wing jersey...

This week I bring to you my Top 5 Best Looking NHL Jerseys, let's start with number 5.


5: LA Kings Home Jersey

Can't go wrong with black and white right? The Kings have been tearing it up in the Western Conference over the past few years and have looked good doing it. A big improvement from their past efforts.


4: Vancouver Canucks Home Jersey

Personally I feel like this jersey doesn't get enough respect. I know the Canucks are everyone's favorite team to hate, but I love the traditional North West blue and green and the fact that their design is so much different than the rest of the league. 

When you think of all the fails that the Canucks have had in the jersey department, perhaps it's all just relative, but I will stand by being a fan of this incarnation. 

3: Pittsburgh Penguins Home Jersey

Going back to this beauty was one of the best things that the Penguins have done. It could quite possibly be one of the most iconic logos in sports and it stays true to the Steel City's "black and yellow" motif. 


2: Montreal Canadiens Home Jersey

Talk about timeless, not a lot has changed with this jersey, yet the Habs logo is basically a fashion statement in itself. Whether you cheer for Montreal or absolutely hate them (talking to you Boston), it would be hard to argue how stylish the Canadiens are when they step on the ice.


1: Detroit Red Wings Home Jersey

Much like Montreal, the Detroit Red Wings haven't changed much throughout the years and why change what works? Even casual hockey fans can be caught sporting the Red Wings logo, as the jersey has become of THE symbols of the Motor City. 

Although there is barely anything separating the Top 3, I personally feel like the Wings slightly edge the other two out. 


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