Five Celebrities You May Not Know Are Hockey Fans

Flip on a basketball game and usually at some point during a break in the action, the camera will pan over to an A-lister who has court side season tickets. When it comes to hockey however, besides the occasional look at one of the celebrity wives, we don't always get to see all the celebrities who enjoy the sport we love so much. 

We decided to show some love to those celebrities who are hockey fans, a few of them, you might not have ever guessed were.


Kiefer Sutherland

Of course you know him a little better as Jack Bauer from the wildly popular TV show, 24. However, you may not have known that the UK born Sutherland was born to Canadian parents. A supposed "lifelong Bruins fan", Sutherland participated in the Bruins Legends Classic Game at Fenway Park back in 2010. Do a quick google search though and you may just find everyone's favorite Counter Terrorism Unit recruit in a Vancouver Canucks jersey.

Will Ferrell 

If you've paid attention to the Stanley Cup Finals over the past five years, then you might already know that Will Ferrell is an LA Kings fan. From what we can tell, the Kings organization are fans of him as well, as he has frequently been used in promotional material. So if we ever needed another reason to be a fan of the man behind Ron Burgundy? The fact he's a hockey fan is it. Thanks for always keeping it classy Will.

Jon Hamm

Turns out Don Draper enjoys some good "Old Fashioned" stick and puck! St. Louis born, John Hamm is an all around sports fanatic, but is a devoted Blues fan. Similar to Will Ferrell, Hamm can also be seen in promotional videos for the Blues.

Alanis Morissette 

Usually if you were born North of the border, chances are you were born a hockey fan. That said, "You Oughta' Know" (yeah we went there) the "Hand in my Pocket" songstress grew up playing street hockey and even credits hockey as her "first love". Morissette is now a dual citizen, but it doesn't look like the Ottawa native will ever forget her roots. 

Steve Carell 

If you are a fan of The Office, you've seen "Michael Scott" on the ice and noticed "hey...he can actually skate!", but you may not know that Steve Carell actually played through college. In an interview with Rachel Nichols last year, the 53 year old even referred to himself as the "Lebron James" of his rec hockey league. Since bowing out on The Office in 2011, we are guessing he's found time to fit a lot more in....that's what she said. 


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