The Top 5 Best Hockey Songs Out There

July 24, 2015

Summer can be a long stretch for hockey fans right? Even though the Stanley Cup Finals do find their way deep into June and the off season isn't THAT long, it still doesn't make the pain and longing for the sounds of bodies crashing into the boards and pucks smacking against sticks any better. 

As we wait for the 2015-2016 NHL Season to start, I decided that some music devoted to the game we love would be a great way to turn our frowns upside down as we swelter in the summer heat. 

Now these are just my Top 5, I certainly welcome any and all opinions from you readers and would love it if you shared your own. Perhaps maybe even you have wrote a hockey song or two? I know I have, but hey I am not one for a shameless plug, so it will remain hidden. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say!

5. The Old Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song

I know it might not be an actual song with lyrics, but I had to include it as it really was the sound that brought a smile to my face as a kid. 


4. Hockey, Please Come Back by Brett Kissel

Remember back in 2012 when we missed out on half of a season? Country singer, Brett Kissel summed it up pretty well.


3. Hockey in Heaven by David Parker

One day when we're all nearing triple digits....this would make the inevitable seem better huh?


2. I'm A Puck by The Zambonis

Everything these guys make is awesome! Go check out their site at and thank me later. Obviously they would be at number one if it wasn't for the obvious tune that found its way to my Top 5.


1. The Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom Connors

It would be blasphemous to have any other song at the top spot, but "The Hockey Song". It doesn't get any better. 

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