Happy National Best Friends Day Hockey Fans

June 08, 2016

There is a holiday for everything these days right? Well what's wrong with that? Everyone likes a reason to celebrate. 

As the saying goes, you can pick your friends, but you can't always pick which hockey team they end up playing on. Below you will find a few of our favorite BFF's, new and old, in the wide world of hockey who stuck with each other no matter which jersey they put on. 


Pavel Bure and Gino Odjick

Back in the 90's these two were thick as thieves playing for the Vancouver Canucks. 

Jonathan Toews and TJ Oshie

These two go all the way back to their college days playing for the North Dakota Fighting Sioux together. Back then they weren't just teammates, but also best friends. Of course that would change when the pair got drafted to the NHL as they would inevitably end up on rival teams (Chicago Blackhawks and St Louis Blues) for quite some time until Oshie was traded to the Capitals this season. The two may not end up having to play against each other quite as often now being in different conferences, but we don't see that stopping their bromance during the off season.

Roberto Luongo and Eddie Lack

Vancouver is no stranger to having goalie controversies, but throughout all of them, a bromance to top all bromance's happened between Roberto Luongo and Eddie Lack. The hilarity that ensued on Twitter during their time as teammates as well when they were separated was epic to say the least. Here are a couple examples...

Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin

If you follow the Dallas Stars, you can't help, but notice the fact that Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are best buds. The duo have even been interviewed together regarding their friendship and love messing with each other.


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